No bail for cop found with unlicensed gun

-was going to lodge weapon at station, lawyer tells court

The Police Constable who was found last Saturday with an unlicensed pistol and 15 rounds was yesterday charged and remanded to prison.

Police Constable Tito Benons was charged in a city court before Magistrate Fabayo Azore with having in his possession a Smith and Wesson 9mm pistol and 15 rounds of matching ammunition.

Benons, who is attached to the Anti-Crime Unit in Berbice and has been a member of the Guyana Police Force for the past four years, pleaded not guilty to the charges.

It is alleged that the weapon and ammunition were discovered by ranks of a police traffic patrol on March 26, at Norton Street and Louisa Row, Georgetown, after the defendant, who was among four other men on three CG motor, was stopped and searched.

Benons’ lawyer stated that on the day in question, Benons found the firearm while off duty and it was while he was on his way to lodge the weapon that he was stopped by traffic ranks. It was added that the defendant presented the ranks with the weapon and at no time told them that the gun belonged to him.

The prosecution, however, challenged the lawyer’s account.

The prosecution mentioned that the defendant, in his statement, had claimed that he was riding and saw an object and picked it up and was on his way to Brickdam but changed course and was heading to Eve Leary instead.

However, the prosecution noted that Benons had told the traffic ranks who arrested him that the weapon belonged to him and it was for his protection.

Subsequent to hearing both the lawyer and the prosecution, Magistrate Azore found no special reason to grant bail to the defendant and remanded him.

The matter is set to be called again on April 4th, after the prosecution indicated to the court that it is prepared to start the trial.

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