Suspect confesses to killing Mocha mechanic over ‘beef’ with cousin

The police have made a breakthrough in their almost year long investigation into the murder of Mocha mechanic Terrence Lanferman.

Crime Chief Wendell Blanhum yesterday said that the suspect, a 21-year-old who was arrested on Wednesday, had confessed to shooting Lanferman to death.

Lanferman, 23, of Lot 127 Nelson Street, Mocha, was shot dead execution-style at his home around 7.30pm on June 1st, 2015. He received two gunshot wounds to the chest and neck and was taken to the Diamond Diagnostic Centre, where he was pronounced dead on arrival.

Terrence Lanferman
Terrence Lanferman

At the time, he was the lone occupant of the bottom-flat of the two-storey house, where he resided with his mother.

Based on the information received by Stabroek News, the suspect told investigators that the crime was planned by himself and a male cousin but was carried out by him alone.

According to the suspect, he had just returned from Cayenne before the murder with an unregistered CG motorcycle and he went to visit his aunt, who resides in Mocha, when he met the cousin.

He told investigators, they bought a “joint” and were smoking when his cousin told him that he had an issue with Lanferman and he wanted to settle it permanently but he couldn’t do so himself since he was well known in Mocha and the villagers would likely speak.

As a result, the suspect told his cousin to point out Lanferman and he would deal with the matter. The suspect, during his confession to investigators, said he told his cousin that he could even use his motorcycle to go to the scene since it was unregistered.

He said on June 1st, his cousin took him to show him where Lanferman lived, after which he spent the day at his cousin’s house. At about 7pm the same evening, the cousin provided him with a gun and took him again to Lanferman’s house. There, the suspect knocked on the door and when Lanferman opened it he shot him. The suspect then joined his cousin, who was waiting in a nearby street, and they rode to Eccles.

He told investigators that the act was committed because his cousin wanted Lanferman dead.


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