Air Services unveils Golden Arrowhead-themed helicopter, special tour packages

- for jubilee celebrations

Local aviation giant Air Services Limited (ASL) yesterday unveiled their Golden Arrowhead-themed helicopter and special tour packages in honour of Guyana’s Golden Jubilee independence celebrations.

The unveiling of the Bell LongRanger aircraft, which was branded in the vibrant colours of the national flag and carried the 50th anniversary logo, took place at the company’s hangar at Ogle International Airport.

Telecommunications and Tourism Minister Cathy Hughes (third, left) poses with Maintenance Manager Tularam Ramsukh (centre) and the team of ASL engineers who worked on the rebranded aircraft.
Telecommunications and Tourism Minister Cathy Hughes (third, left) poses with Maintenance Manager Tularam Ramsukh (centre) and the team of ASL engineers who worked on the rebranded aircraft.

ASL General Manager Annette Arjoon-Martins noted that the aviation company has an impressive fleet of 25 planes and three helicopters, one of which was selected to carry Guyana’s national colours of green, red, white, yellow and black. She explained that the specific aircraft was chosen in tribute to longstanding employee and present Maintenance Manager Tularam Ramsukh, who recently celebrated his 50th birthday.

“Air Services Limited is proud to be part of the jubilee celebrations and we are committed to the development of our tourism industry and we are extremely proud of our first female Minister of Tourism. Our flagship helicopter will be available during the jubilee celebrations for tours to our local resorts, Kaieteur Falls and aerial tours of GuyExpo,” Arjoon-Martins said.

She further announced that ASL will be offering trips to Kaieteur Falls at a price of US$130 per person for the Jubilee celebrations. Flights to the Falls are scheduled every Tuesday, Thursday, Saturday and Sunday.

Much deserved appreciation was also extended to Delon Peters, of Vison 360, for what Arjoon-Martins described as an incredibly impressive job of rebranding the aircraft as well as ASL maintenance team that managed to complete the necessary works ahead of schedule.

Minister of Tourism Cathy Hughes praised Arjoon-Martins and ASL for the important role they have played and continue to play in the development of Guyana’s aviation industry.

Hughes stressed the importance of the role of the aviation industry in the development of tourism in Guyana, saying that while Guyana has a unique advantage of beauty and terrain, citizens are often disadvantaged by the fact that some regions of the country are not easily accessible. Thus, an aviation industry that will push the development of tourism and all the other economic areas plays is integral, she added.

“I want to say that we are extremely happy to have grown from strength to strength over the last 50 years; many people don’t realise how dynamic our local aviation industry is and so what we are doing today is an important additional development of that industry. I am excited that we have that beautiful bird that will contribute to the experience we hope to offer to our projected more than 15,000 visitors that will be here between May and the end of December,” she said.

The minister also lauded company for its special tours and fares during the jubilee period and encouraged persons coming home for the independence celebrations to take advantage of the special packages and add aerial tours of the capital city or a trip to Kaieteur Falls to their jubilee itinerary.

According to ASL pilot Captain François Le Blanc, who specialises in piloting the helicopters across the length and breadth of Guyana, the company’s helicopters are piloted by a team which boasts a combined total of 65 years of experience and which ensures that all flights are safe and comfortable. This, he said, is complemented by a team of well-trained engineers who ensure that the aircraft are always ready to go and in good condition.

Le Blanc noted that the rebranded helicopter will be made available to the GuyExpo committee to augment the spectator experience at the event, which is scheduled for next month. Additionally, he encouraged persons to take the opportunity to take an aerial tour of the city, which is available throughout the year, to experience a breathtaking view of Georgetown.



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