Ex-City Constable, shot intruder charged over $3M Stabroek Market burglary

A former city policeman was yesterday one of two men remanded to prison after being charged with stealing almost $3 million in electronics during a break-in at the Stabroek Market.

Seon Isaacs, 22, who was sacked by the City Constabulary last Friday, and Delmar Booker, 24, a rigger who was shot after he allegedly confronted constables with a knife, were both charged with the breaking and entering of Electronics City at Stabroek Market, between April 13 and April 14.

          Seon Isaacs
Seon Isaacs
Delmar Booker
Delmar Booker

According to the charge read by Magistrate Alex Moore, Isaacs and Booker allegedly stole 80 cellphones, valued $2,621,000, three laptops, valued $280,000, a quantity of phone accessories, valued $50,000 and other items, valued $35,000. The total value of the stolen articles is $2,986,000.

Neither of the men was required to plead to the charge.

Attorney Adrian Thompson, who represented Isaacs, told the court that on the day in question his client was on duty guarding at the Stabroek Market and he knew nothing about the theft. Thompson stated that his client was implicated by Booker, who told the police that Isaacs knew about the robbery and let him into the establishment.

According to the prosecutor, both Isaacs and Booker are being investigated for a similar crime. It was further stated that Isaacs was no longer a member of the City Constabulary after his services were terminated last Friday as a result of the charges.

The court heard that on the day in question, Isaacs was indeed on duty at the Stabroek outpost and that the items were found on Booker.

Thompson’s application for bail for Isaacs was, however, refused after the court heard that he had planned an escape from the City Constabulary compound and had persons at the back of the area awaiting him.

Bail was also denied for Booker, although Magistrate Moore ordered that medical treatment be granted to him while he is on remand as he told the court that a warhead is still lodged in his leg after he was shot by the city police.

Booker was also separately arraigned on a charge of being found in the Stabroek Market on April 14, during prohibited hours. He was there around 2 in the morning.

A guilty plea was given by the defendant.

The matter will be called again on April 29.

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