Robb St businessman complains of unlawful eviction attempt

A Robb Street businessman is now seeking justice after his building was broken into and his property removed and placed on the street.

Machinery, groceries and furniture were among the items removed from the two-storey building, which houses Japs Halal Meat Centre.

Ahmad Rahaman, said to be the current owner of the building, has alleged that the former owner of the property and others removed the items in what he described as an unlawful eviction.

 The items placed on the street
The items placed on the street

He said neighbours related that the former owner and a group of persons went to the building on Sunday, broke in and removed the property.

Rahaman said his son went to pick up something from the building and discovered what had occurred and notified him of what had happened.

Rahaman told Stabroek News that when he arrived he found his property scattered on the road and in a neighbouring yard.

He added that the police arrived at the scene and the former owner claimed that he had a court order to evict Rahaman but reportedly refused to produce the order to the police.

Rahaman said not all items that were removed from the house have been recovered.

Among the missing items are a safe, clothing and a microwave.

According to Rahaman he has suffered immense losses due to damage to property.

He estimate his losses to be in the millions.

He said he bought the building from the Guyana National Co-operative Bank approximately two decades ago.

He said that after purchasing the building, a sales agreement was handed over to him by the bank but the bank never completed the processing of required documentation for the completion of the sale.

He said while the papers were being processed, the bank reportedly told him documents to complete the sale were misplaced.

He told Stabroek News that it is not clear why the former owner would only come forward now and claim the building.

Rahaman said it was not the first time they had an encounter with the former owner.

He explained that during a tax amnesty offered by City Hall, the former owner paid the tax for the building before they could.

Rahaman eventually returned his property to the building.

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