Waitress critical after stabbing

A 25-year-old waitress was stabbed about her body yesterday afternoon allegedly by her common-law husband and doctors at the Georgetown Public Hospital (GPH) were up to press time preparing her for emergency surgery.

Michelle Drennon, of Lot 1607 Cadet Lane, South Ruimveldt, Georgetown and a mother of an 11-month-old boy was stabbed at least four times about her body around 6:00 PM yesterday.

According to reports, the man was previously charged with assaulting her. Relatives said she recently returned to live with her parents after she and the suspect had an argument.

Michelle Drennon
Michelle Drennon

Michelle sister, Tandicka Drennon speaking to Stabroek News at the hospital last evening related that she was watching television yesterday afternoon when her sister returned home from work and retired to bed. According to Tandicka, it was shortly after this that the suspect visited the home and enquired about her sister.

“He push the door and ask for her, by time that she told me to tell him that she was sleeping”, Tandicka said.

She said that after telling the man her sister was asleep he walked around the house and peeped through the bedroom window where the woman was and uttered a few words to her. “I didn’t take it serious but before I could have realize I saw her (Michelle) running out the room trying to escape the man who reportedly ran into the house in a fit of anger.

‘He grabbed her and hit her continuously about the body and pulled her hair and they went back and forth as she tried to escape his hands but she failed and they eventually end up in the kitchen area where the suspect armed himself with a knife and stabbed her several times”, Tandicka said. She said the man also had a quantity of poison in his hands and declared “I walk with this today”.

Tandicka then ran to a neighbour’s house for help.

“This man just come with the intention to kill my sister, for what I don’t know, we don’t know but he just didn’t spare her”, the weeping sister stated.

She said her bloodied sister was picked up and rushed to the hospital by a resident.  She had lost a lot of blood and remained unconscious up to last night.

A number of relatives gathered at the hospital last evening.

Michelle’s stepfather vented his anger about the incident which he said could have been avoided if the police had taken several reports made by Michelle seriously. He said, “the police fail to do what they had to do, now look what this guy gone and do”. The man said that he was present many times with his daughter to make reports against the suspect but the police paid her little or no heed.





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