Carpenter dies after falling off roof at Corriverton

A 29-year-old carpenter and father of two died yesterday afternoon after he fell from the roof of the Corriverton house he was working on after coming into contact with a GPL wire.

One of the workers who was on the scene told Stabroek News that the deceased, Yojraj Sewlall also known as ‘Carpenter Chip’, was on the roof, laying blocks. He stated that there was a Guyana Power and Light (GPL) wire overhead at the spot they were working. According to the worker, Sewlall’s  head apparently came into contact with the wire and he appears to have been shocked. He then fell off the roof of the 20-foot-high building, onto a concrete step and then to the ground.

Construction workers who were present rushed to Sewlall’s assistance and took him to the Skeldon Hospital where he spent forty-five minutes after which he was transferred to the New Amsterdam Public Hospital, where he was pronounced dead.

Yojraj Sewlall
Yojraj Sewlall

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