A man died on the spot yesterday afternoon after his head was smashed in an accident at the junction of Sheriff and Garnett streets, Campbellville.

The accident occurred around 3.30pm and up to press time the identity of the victim was still unknown.

He was wearing dark blue pants and a t-shirt. He had also been carrying a loaf of bread and a bottle of drink, which were left on the roadway after the accident.

Stabroek News was told that the now dead man, said to be a person who did odd jobs around the area, was seen in the vicinity begging for a soft drink to use with the bread. He eventually got the drink but while he was walking along the roadway, the drink reportedly rolled under a parked container truck, which was waiting on the traffic light at the junction.

One man told Stabroek News that he was on the opposite side of the road when he heard a loud impact. He said when he looked over the road, he saw the man lying motionless with his face smashed.

The driver of the truck drove some distance away before he stopped after running over the man. He was taken into police custody.

Persons in the area described the deceased as an alcoholic, who they said was only released from prison two weeks ago. According to them, he is known as “Michael” and “Jail Man.

The man’s body is currently at the Lyken Funeral Home.

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