Gov’t seems powerless, weak on crime – Berbice Chambers

-Ramjattan lambasted for saying too busy for meeting until after jubilee

The Central Corentyne and Berbice Chambers of Commerce have pilloried the government over the crime situation saying it seems “powerless, ineffectual, and out of (its)  league” in addressing the upsurge in attacks across the country.

In a statement yesterday, the two Berbice business groups also lambasted Minister of Public Security Khemraj Ramjattan for saying that he was unable to meet them until after next month’s jubilee celebrations as he was “extremely busy”. It said that members were angered by this response and found it insulting.

“Government seems powerless, ineffectual, and out of their league in fighting crime. It is extremely disappointing as the Coalition campaigned very strongly on this issue and we were all optimistic with all the military, ex-commissioners and other `experts’ at their disposal and now we have a situation in Berbice that is far worse than we have ever experienced. Everyone seems to be a sitting duck, as it seems every day a business is held up and residents beaten and robbed in their homes, this coupled with the depressed business environment, makes it exceedingly burdensome for businesses and ordinary citizens to cope. President Granger and the government has miserably failed the people of this country to provide protection and security”, the Chambers said in the statement.

It said that the only exception was Crime Chief, Wendell Blanhum who has to be commended for his successes in tackling crime.

“The Government’s policy on crime needs a serious overhaul. The government appears weak, soft and sympathetic to criminals, contrast this with the late President Hoyte’s no-nonsense and aggressive approach to the `kick down the door bandits’ in the eighties, President Granger being a historian should go back and study and implement the strategies used by President Hoyte, who on assuming office in the eighties quickly brought the crime spree under control”, the statement said.

The statement charged that Ramjattan started his reign in a very high-handed way that demoralised the police. The Chambers said that he publicly chided them for damaged vehicles and threatened to charge them for murder in shooting incidents.

“Now the police are so uncertain and scared to shoot that recently a police was almost killed by a bandit in Rose Hall in the presence of their armed colleagues. Taken in context with President Granger’s insistence on pardoning criminals, it is no surprise that gun crimes have spiraled out of control. Bandits have become more emboldened by the Government’s approach”, the Chambers declared.

They added “The present security minister, who we strongly believe, will not be able to support and motivate the force is too busy preparing for the jubilee celebrations than meet with the chamber, at our request to discuss the present situation … He wants us to do his work for him. We must document what we feel he should do in the present situation and send it to him, instead of his coming to us to hear what we have to say and see if any of it can be implemented. Since we have to wait over one month to get a meeting with the Minister, let the public be the judge of his priorities.”

The two Chambers listed the following matters that they want Ramjattan to address and suggestions:

1.  What is the Minister’s plan for crime, if he has one?

  1. Is the honourable Minister unaware of the crime situation in Berbice?
    3. What are the specifics of that plan in relation to Berbice.
    4. Low morale and loss of confidence in the Police force.
  2. The Police are afraid or unwilling to shoot at, or engage bandits in armed confrontations
    even when the lives of their fellow officers are in peril.
    6. Lack of employment especially among the youths.
    7. Lots of drug houses.


    1. Quick response teams to be located in Berbice.
    2. Permanent SWAT teams in Berbice.
    3. Government’s unconditional support for our Policemen and Women.
    4. Increase in salary.
    5. Pay salaries on time.
    6. Increase police patrols.
    7. Rose Hall Town police outpost should be converted to a police station.
    9. Police Force needs more manpower and vehicles.
    10. More training and education for the Guyana Police Force.
    11. Explore the possibility of CCTV cameras
    12. Duty free concession for security equipment.



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