Shell Beach rangers rescue Leatherback’s eggs

Close monitoring by Rangers stationed at Shell Beach in the North West District on Thursday prevented the eggs of a Giant Leatherback Turtle from being washed away by incoming tides.

20160430LeatherbackAtilieo Torres, one of the rangers who was part of the relocation process, explained that it was a usual practice to extract the eggs and relocate them whenever turtles established nests in areas prone to be affected by the incoming tides. He was pleased to say that they were able to do the relocation before any damage was done by the tide.

Guyana’s Shell Beach, is the only place is Guyana where four of the world’s seven endangered species of marine turtles: Giant Leatherback, Green, Hawksbill and Olive Ridley, go to nest every year. Nesting season for these reptiles begins in March and continues until August. In photo, Shell Beach Rangers Atilieo Torres and Klavia Boyal extract the eggs from the turtle’s nest for relocation purposes. (Protected Areas Commission photo)


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