Communities Ministry moving to address resources for mayors, deputies countrywide – Chase-Green

The Ministry of Communities is seeking to address concerns over the resources available to the office of mayors and deputy mayors across the country, according to Georgetown Mayor Patricia Chase-Green.

Chase-Green was at the time speaking on a motion that sought clarity on the resources for the office of the city’s Deputy Mayor, Sherod Duncan.

City councillor Lionel Jaikarran, who moved the motion at last week’s statutory meeting, explained that he was seeking clarity on the resources for the office for there to be efficiency in execution of the duties by the office holder.

Jaikarran, an APNU+AFC coalition councillor, asked if the office of the Deputy Mayor was equipped with security, a personal assistant and a vehicle.

Councillors who spoke on the motion included Noelle Chow-Chee, Alfred Mentore, Akeem Peter, Gregory Fraser and Carlyle Coring.

During the speeches on the motion, it seemed there was a misunderstanding as to whether the motion was moved for additional resources for the office or if it was simply a case of getting clarification.

Mayor Chase-Green was quick to point out after the speeches on the motion that the motion was seeking clarity rather than seeking to have the resources allocated.

Chase-Green, who previously served as Deputy Mayor, noted that during the three years she held the office, it was entitled to security as well as a secretary. She pointed out that all other resources, such as transportation, were covered by her. She also mentioned that the Communities Ministry was seeking to address the issue in relation to both deputy mayors and mayors.

Councillors speaking for the motion said they would agree for the office to be equipped with a personal assistant and a vehicle to be made available for the Deputy Mayor’s use for the efficient delivery of service.

Returning Councillor Junior Garrett, however, questioned why resources should be allocated to the office given that it was never done in the past. He also questioned who would pay for the personal assistant and whether they should buy a new vehicle for the office.

Town Clerk Royston King told the meeting that security would be provided to the office once the Deputy Mayor grants permission for a guard hut and lavatory to be erected at his residence.

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