Flooding averted in part of Queenstown after culverts cleared

Serious flooding was avoided after the Ministry of Public Infrastructure and City Hall took action to clear two culverts in Queenstown, Georgetown this morning, GINA said.

Community Coordinator Neilson McKenzie informed GINA that the two culverts, which drained the areas surrounding the Demerara Cricket Club Ground and Herdmanston Lodge, were found to be blocked with debris including discarded builder’s waste. With help  from City Hall, the culverts were cleared and water receded quickly into the Lamaha Street Canal, McKenzie said.

The work is part of the Ministry of Public Infrastructure’s mandate to respond quickly to ensure that communities are adequately drained, particularly in light of the prevailing inclement weather conditions.

The issue of the blocked culverts in eastern Queenstown was raised in a letter in today’s issue of Stabroek News by Maureen Marks-Mendonca.

The clearing works underway (GINA photo)
The clearing works underway (GINA photo)

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