Guns-in-box accused freed of charges

Jamal Murphy, the alleged consignee of the variety of guns and ammunition found at the GNIC Wharf on May 8, 2015, was yesterday found not guilty of two charges of illegal possession of munitions.

Jamal Murphy
Jamal Murphy

The charges against Murphy stated that on May 8, 2015 at the GNIC Wharf on Lombard Street, he had 17 firearms, including two AK-47 assault rifles and several 9 mm pistols and 589 rounds of varying calibre ammunition in his possession while not being the holder of a valid firearm licence.

The discovery was made when a customs officer attached to GNIC checked a box which was shipped by a Ron Murphy. The guns were discovered in a black haversack inside the box.

Magistrate Judy Latchman gave the ruling at the conclusion of Murphy’s trial.

According to the facts, which were highlighted by the magistrate prior to the ruling, on the day in question the defendant thought he had received food items from his sister when he heard a box was at the wharf for him.

Although the court was never presented with the original box that contained the firearm and ammunition, the witnesses who testified on behalf of the prosecution identified the box with detailed description and the defendant as the consignee.

Magistrate Latchman then stated that there was no evidence that the defendant made arrangements to order or ship the firearms and ammunition, or that he had knowledge that they were being shipped to him.

Murphy was subsequently found not guilty and the charges against him were dismissed.

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