Kara Kara residents of Linden blame Bosai for flooding

- company rejects claim

Facing flooding in their community, residents of Kara Kara, Mackenzie, Linden, yesterday blamed Bosai Minerals Inc, claiming that the company’s negligence was what had caused the disaster.

 The swollen Hymara Creek
The swollen Hymara Creek

However, a Bosai spokesperson has since rejected that claim, pointing out that Kara Kara had been flooding long before the company commenced operations at Linden, and while the company might have added to the existing problem, residents had also greatly contributed to it.

The issue, according to residents, has to do with the way the creek was dug.

Flood waters in the streets of Kara Kara
Flood waters in the streets of Kara Kara

“…This level of work is mediocre,” one resident said. “If you’re going to dig a creek it needs to be done the right way. The work done on the drains is incomplete and faulty.

“Over 40 years I have lived in this area and have never experienced this type of flooding, I have lost over a $100,000 and I am currently at an inconvenience during to the high flood water.”

It was explained that there are a number of factors that contribute to the influx of water in the area.

One is the dyke, which once served as a reservoir, but was abandoned by Bosai when it began operating in Linden. So the water now flows directly to the Hymara Creek, which as it is cannot ‘take off’ the amount of water flowing through it.

According to Councillor, Lennox Gasper, Bosai Mineral was made aware of these factors but he’s yet to see changes made.

“The Kakatara Creek is another key factor that leads to the flooding, which if [it is] dug out regularly, will certainly help in carrying out some of the excess water to the Demerara River,” Gasper said.

“We applaud Bosai for the portion of the creek they dug thus far. We thank them for the work that they have done, but we cannot settle for an immediate result with long- term suffering.”

But Bosai Technical Service Coordinator, Wainwright Bethune, said that the community of Kara Kara has been flooding long before Bosai began its operations. “It’s an age-old problem. Bosai stopped pumping water into those creeks five months ago. Admitting that the company was “partially to be blamed,” he said residents also contributed greatly.

“One man has two old fridges resting in his drain causing a buildup of water,” Bethune said. “Another resident went and blocked a part of the creek with zinc sheets because he was being affected by flood water, as a result, he affected the whole community.”

Bethune added, “People are of the opinion that the cleaning of those creeks and drains is part of Bosai Mineral’s responsibility, which it’s not. That’s the responsibility of the RDC. What we do is assist in the best way possible.”


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