Qualfon to move BV operations to Providence

Qualfon on Tuesday announced that it will move its contact centre operations, currently located at Beterverwagting, East Coast Demerara (ECD), to the company’s newly built facility at Providence, East Bank Demerara.

A release from the company said that the transition is tentatively set for August 2016 and will not impact client services or personnel.

The business processing outsourcing company said that the Beterverwagting office building, known as site I has roughly 500 employees and has served Qualfon since 2005.

The Beterverwagting site (Qualfon photo)
The Beterverwagting site (Qualfon photo)

The release said that with steady company growth, Qualfon started building new contact centre sites in 2013, including Site II located at Goodverwagting, ECD and the 10-acre Providence campus, which serves as home to Site III (opened in March 2015) and Site IV (currently under construction).

“Now that we have the campus (at Providence), Qualfon is transitioning our employees and client operations to locations where they can be better served and have equal opportunities when compared to our other sites. It’s a true upgrade and marked progress for Qualfon employees and clients alike,” Chief Operating Officer, John Yanez said.

The release added that “While the new contact centres create first-class working environments, Qualfon Guyana leaders recognize that its strategic plan to invest in infrastructure and raise standards may also cause hardships on employees, such as increased commute times.

“We’re working with our employees to understand how transitioning to the campus will affect them, so Qualfon can put a plan in place to address and mitigate any negative impact”.


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