PPP/C MPs to decide on attendance at independence events

PPP/C MPs have received “personal invitations” for several state functions planned in observance of Guyana’s 50th independence anniversary and the party has decided that they will attend if they so wish, PPP General Secretary Clement Rohee said yesterday.

“The party has taken the decision that the PPP/C Members of Parliament will participate in these activities on an optional basis. PPP Members of Parliament have been so advised,” Rohee told reporters at a press conference, which was held at Freedom House.

Two weeks ago, Rohee had said that involvement in the various functions will depend on the receipt of an official invitation.

Reading from a prepared statement yesterday, he said that the PPP is mindful of the “dire socio-economic circumstances” obtaining in the country as the nation prepares to celebrate and to welcome Guyanese who will be returning home for the event.

He cited the “severe criticisms” levelled against the David Granger-led administration at the recent May Day rally by trade unionists in respect to unfulfilled electoral promises and he said the PPP will be keenly following organised labour’s pursuit of accountability for the benefit of the Guyanese working people.

He also said close attention will also be paid to the performance of “Operation Dragnet” during the independence celebrations.

Rohee further called on citizens to be “vigilant on all fronts” and to lend as much support as possible to law enforcement as well as the Community Policing Groups and neighbourhood police.

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