Cops to seek advice on charging husband over fatal Rose Hall chopping

The police will today be seeking legal advice on a charge against Desmond Gordon, who allegedly chopped his common-law wife, Bhagmattie Etwaroo, to death on Monday evening.

Stabroek News was informed that Gordon remained in custody up to press time as investigations continued into the murder.

Desmond Gordon and Bhagmattie Etwaroo
Desmond Gordon and Bhagmattie Etwaroo

He was arrested covered in blood shortly after the fatal attack, which occurred around 5.45pm on Monday at Lot 196 Mangrove Street, Rose Hall, Corentyne.

Gordon and Etwaroo had been seen consuming alcohol before a heated argument ensued.

Etwaroo subsequently jumped from the stairs of the upper flat to the bottom flat to escape the blows but Gordon armed himself with two cutlasses and chopped her about her body, including her neck. The woman then ran into the storeroom where she collapsed and died.

The couple had been living together for eight years.

Etwaroo’s sister-in-law, who lives a few streets away, had said that Gordon had threatened to kill Etwaroo on numerous occasions. “He always promise she that he gon kill she,” she said.

She explained that over the past eight years Etwaroo had made numerous complaints at the police station and her relatives would always caution her not to get back together with Gordon but she would never listen.


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