Essequibo rice farmers lodge complaints with PM

A delegation of rice farmers from the Essequibo Coast met with Prime Minister Moses Nagamootoo today and discussed various problems, GINA said.

Persons attending the meeting were Compton Sargeant, Hardat Narine, Tage Shewcharon, Darmindra Singh, Mohamed, Naithram and Bhim Sain.

They were accompanied by Karan Chand, the Representative of the Prime Minister in Region 2.

GINA said that the farmers applauded the Coalition Government for taking measures to save the last rice crop, but pointed out that several outfalls are clogged. This might result in flooding during the current rainy season.

Farmers complained that a named rice miller owes them monies for the purchase of their paddy since the previous crop, and strongly demanded that the Guyana Rice Development Board (GRDB) suspend his export licence.

The farmers also demanded the dismissal of certain pump attendants who waste fuel and allow irrigation water to flow back into the Pomeroon River, GINA said. This matter had been raised during the recent dry spell.

Rice farmers on the Essequibo Coast also want fresh elections in the Rice Producers Association (RPA) and said that the present leaders of the RPA have not represented their interest, GINA added.

The Prime Minister assured that he would raise their concerns with the appropriate authorities.


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