Man charged with shooting at cops, forging transport in $10M fraud

A man was yesterday charged with shooting at policemen as well as forging a transport as part of a scheme to defraud another person of over $10 million.

Gopaul Tiwari, 48, appeared before city magistrate Judy Latchman and was charged with unlawfully and maliciously discharging a loaded firearm at two constables, with the intent to resist or prevent unlawful apprehension, on May 9, at Diamond, East Bank Demerara.

It was also alleged that between April 1 and May 28, 2015, at Georgetown, with the intent to defraud, Tiwari conspired with a person or persons unknown to forge a transport stating that it was issued by the Deeds Registry.

Gopaul Tiwari,
Gopaul Tiwari,

It was further allegedly that on May 28, 2015, at Eccles, being entrusted with the sum of $10,400,000 in order to pay same to the Deeds Registry at Georgetown, property of Ghardarie Sewnarine, he fraudulently converted the money.

On the same day and at the exact location, Tiwari, with the intent to defraud, is also alleged to have uttered to Sewnarine a forged transport, stating same was issued by the Deeds Registry in Georgetown, though knowing that it was forged.

Tiwari, the owner of the former “Speedy’s Enterprises,” a tire and rims store, pleaded not guilty to all five charges read.

In June, 2014, Tiwari had been jailed after he admitted to defrauding nine persons of nearly $40 million in just over a year. He had pleaded guilty to nine counts of fraud and was to serve three years in prison.

According to the defendant’s attorney, the charges leveled against him were only mere allegations. He added that on the day Tiwari was apprehended, his hands and clothes were tested for gunpowder and nothing was found. He added that Tiwari was driving at the time he was apprehended and had no time to dispose of the alleged firearm, which was not found. He then proceeded to request that bail be granted to his client based on the fact that he is the sole breadwinner for his family and the caretaker for his brother, who is a cancer patient.

The attorney also mentioned that Tiwari’s business will suffer if bail were to be denied.

Additionally, the attorney told the court that the defendant has a previous charge of fraudulent conversion that is presently before the court.

Prosecutor Vishnu Hunt told the court that after perusing the files, he observed that there was no mention of a firearm being found. He then stated that he will have to seek further advice for the charges that centred on the defendant discharging a loaded firearm.

The prosecutor made no objection to bail but requested that the defendant surrender his passport and report to the fraud squad weekly.

Magistrate Latchman set bail in the sum of $1,300,000 for Tiwari. Bail was set at $500,000 for each charge of discharging a firearm and $100,000 each for the three forgery and fraud charges.

Tiwari is also required to report to the fraud squad every Friday at 3pm and to lodge his passport until the completion of the matters.

May 31 is his next court date.


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