Man skipped out on bill after hiring taxi to Bartica

Accused of skipping out on his $5,000 taxi fare, a man yesterday told a city court that he had every intention of paying.

Antonio Rodrigues appeared before Magistrate Faith McGusty on a charge that between April 1 and April 13, 2015, at Regent Street, he created a debt with Colwin Munroe by means of travelling in his car and refusing to pay the sum of $5,000.

Rodrigues pleaded guilty with explanation subsequent to the charge being read.

The prosecution stated that Rodrigues hired Munroe to take him to Bartica. It was noted that the fare to Bartica would be $5,000 and both parties agreed on the price. However, on arrival at the location, Rodrigues told Munroe that he had some gold to sell so that he would be able to pay him. Munroe parked and waited for some time but Rodrigues did not return.

According to the prosecution, it was while at the park one day that Munroe saw the defendant and subsequently took him to police.

Rodrigues told the court that when the incident occurred he had all intentions of paying Munroe. He added that at present he is unable to compensate Munroe. He added that he would need some time to get on to his family to secure funds.

Magistrate McGusty remanded him to prison until today, when the matter will be called again.


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