Man fined $30,000 for skipping out on taxi fare

Antonio Rodrigues, who admitted to skipping out on his $5,000 taxi fare, was yesterday ordered to pay a $30,000 fine or serve three months in jail.

On Thursday, the court of city magistrate Faith McGusty heard that between April 1st and April 13th, 2015, Rodrigues created a debt with Colwin Munroe by travelling in his car and refusing to pay the $5,000 fare.

Rodrigues had hired Munroe to take him to Bartica and the men had agreed on the price. However, on arrival at the location, Rodrigues told Munroe that he had to sell some gold so that he would be able to pay him. Munroe parked and waited for some time but Rodrigues did not return.

Rodrigues, who pleaded guilty, had told the court that he had all intentions of paying back the Munroe.

Magistrate McGusty yesterday fined him $30,000, with a default sentence of three months in jail if he fails to pay.

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