John Fernandes subsidiary pursuing oil well support operations

Guyana Energy Support Services, a subsidiary of John Fernandes Limited, is seeking to provide support services for the drilling of oil wells.

The Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) in a May 5, notice in Stabroek News said that an application for an environmental authorisation had been submitted by the company which is situated at 24, Water Street.  The EPA said that an Environmental Impact Assessment (EIA) is not required. It said that the application has been screened to evaluate the potential environmental impacts and it had been determined that an Environmental Management Plan (EMP) be prepared for the project. The EMP would detail specific measures to ensure that the proposed project is implemented in an environmentally-sound manner.

In keeping with the EPA Act and regulations, any person who may be affected by the project may lodge an appeal against the EPA’s decision not to require an EIA with the Environmental Assessment Board within 30 days of the publication of the notice.

With ExxonMobil having struck oil in an offshore well, there are evolving plans to offer support services to it whenever it moves to extract the oil. Last month, another shipping company, Muneshwers unveiled its plans during a tour by several government ministers. Muneshwers Limited is developing a modern port facility at Houston, East Bank Demerara.

“Essentially, what we want to be is a one-stop shop for the supply vessel. When the vessel comes from the rig and it comes here, it must be able to satisfy all its needs, get its pipes, its fuel, its oil, its water, the powder plant, the mud plant, you know they come here, they get everything done and they go back,” Robin Muneshwer, the company’s Country Manager told Stabroek News during a tour of the facility.

The May 5, EPA ad also listed several other applications for environmental authorisations. Gafsons Industries Limited applied for a manufacturing complex at Land of Canaan.

Also seeking an environmental authorisation was Tumatu-mari Hydro Inc for the operation of a Hydroelectric Power Generation Plant. The possible revival of this plant had been on the cards for some time particularly considering the country’s emphasis on cleaner forms of energy.

The Ministry of Public Infrastructure’s Work Services Group is also seeking an authorisation for the reconstruction and rehabilitation of critical river defences along Good Success, Craig and New Hope, East Bank Demerara. Caricom Cement Company Inc has also applied for a mineral processing plant at Block X, Plantation Everton.

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