Haslington man charged with knifing brother-in-law to death

A 60-year-old man was on Monday charged with the murder of his brother-in-law, who he is accused of fatally stabbing during a heated argument.

Les Critchlow of Lot 197 Haslington, East Coast Demerara, was not required to plead to the murder charge when he appeared before Magistrate Alisha George at the Vigilance Magistrate’s Court.

It is alleged that on May 12, at Haslington, Critchlow murdered Terrence Adams.

Terrence Adams
Terrence Adams

Adams was remanded to prison and the matter was transferred to the Cove and John Magistrate’s Court, where it will be called again on June 29.

The police, in a press release, had said that Adams, 53, of North Haslington, was found with stab wounds to his body on the roadway at Haslington about 8.15pm last Thursday.

He was taken to the Georgetown Public Hospital, where he was pronounced dead on arrival.

According to the release, Adams was involved in an argument with a male relative prior to the incident.

Stabroek News had been told that Adams was at his shop when Critchlow paid him a visit and an argument subsequently ensued.

An eyewitness had related to this newspaper that the two men were arguing about some work that Critchlow was contracted to do at his sister’s residence that Adams thought was not properly done.

The eyewitness related that after the argument ensued, Adams related to the man that it was not the place to speak about the issue and told him that they would talk about it in the morning at the job site. However, the eyewitness had said, “Les din wan hear that and he start to bad up and start telling Uncle Terry bout wuh he gon do he,” prompting Adams to tell the man to leave his shop.

The aggravated man then pulled a knife from his waist and stabbed Adams to his lower abdomen.

“After he [Adams] get stab, he run about 50 meters and fall down,” the witness related, while stating that after Adams ran away his brother-in-law raced in the opposite direction.

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