Mass casualty plan developed for D’Urban Park

The Civil Defence Commission (CDC), in partnership with other stakeholders, has developed a mass casualty plan to ensure citizens’ safety during the 50th Independence anniversary celebrations at D’Urban Park, GINA said.

Acting Director General of the CDC, Kester Craig told GINA that in preparation for the Jubilee celebrations the commission has started several coordinated meetings with all stakeholders.

Craig said that the mass casualty plan is the main strategy that will be implemented for emergencies that may occur at D’Urban Park. “This is nothing new; we usually ensure that there are coordinated systems among the agencies to deal with emergencies at large events,” he said.

Aerial view of D’Urban Park, May 17, 2016 (GINA photo)
Aerial view of D’Urban Park, May 17, 2016 (GINA photo)

Training and testing in search and rescue and mass casualties will be conducted on May 21 for the representatives.

On May 25 and 26, a Venue Operating Centre will be established with stakeholder representatives to monitor the event, Craig added.

In the case of emergencies, the different representatives and their medical equipment will be in the bleachers/pavilion to take injured persons to the advanced medical post located at Castellani House where critically injured persons would then be transported to medical institutions.

Acting Director General of the Civil Defence Commission, Kester Craig (GINA photo)
Acting Director General of the Civil Defence Commission, Kester Craig (GINA photo)

Senior Superintendent of the Guyana Police Force, Whitney Bacchus told GINA that the Force is prepared for emergencies. “We have arrangements in place to deal with the event and we will be having the traffic department monitoring and regulating traffic around the area, because it is important that there is no traffic congestion.”In relation to security, Bacchus said that there will be ranks around the perimeter of D’urban Park and the entrances leading to the venue to ensure everyone’s safety and security.

According to Bacchus, at the Park police will be in the stands and there will be barriers to ensure that persons do not encroach on the activities on the tarmac.

Meanwhile, Compton Sparman, Divisional Officer for the Guyana Fire Service told GINA that systems are already in place, and that, “We know exactly what must be done, for this event. We will ensure that persons trained by the CDC will have refresher training.”

He said that because there are mostly wooden structures in the Park, there will be a fire service crew to deal with any fire outbreaks. There will also be a rescue crew to respond quickly to emergencies and assist the CDC and other agencies to take persons to the rescue point located at Castellani House.

Help and Shelter, St. Joseph Mercy Hospital and Davis Memorial Hospital are among other stakeholders on board, GINA said.

The CDC’s hotline telephone numbers are 226-1114, 226-1117, 600-7500, 623-1700.

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