Kero price going up

The Guyana Oil Company today said that with effect from Friday 20th May 2016, there will be an adjustment in the price of  Kerosene by $5.00  per Litre at all Guyoil Service Stations.

This adjustment will see the price moving from $90.00 per Litre to $95.00 per Litre in Georgetown, from $91.00 to $96.00 per litre in Berbice and from $92.00 per Litre to $97.00 per Litre in Essequibo.

“Despite our efforts to keep the price for this important commodity as affordable as possible, this adjustment has become necessary due to an increase in acquisition cost at source.

“Significantly, however, despite this minor adjustment, Guyoil wishes to advise you our valued customers, that our Kerosene prices remain significantly lower than the competition in all the regions”, Guyoil said.


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