‘Sash’ Sawh’s widow welcomes reopening of probe into murders

Ten years after her husband and several others were brutally murdered at La Bonne Intention, East Coast Demerara, Sattie Sawh welcomes government’s expressions of interest in reopening the case but she has expressed hope that it will be a truth-finding mission and not be used for political purposes.

“I thought of the Rodney COI and whether it satisfied her [Rodney’s wife]. Would we be satisfied? I don’t want it [the case] to turn into a political tool,” an emotional Sawh told Stabroek News from her home in Canada.

As she reflected on the murder of her husband, Satyadeow ‘Sash’ Sawh who was Agriculture Minister under the then PPP government and of his siblings and security guard and how the events of that night impacted her and her family, she tried desperately to control her tears. For her especially, the terror of that night is still very much fresh and given that the tenth anniversary passed just a month ago, the memories were even fresher…..