PPP lauds Blanhum, calls for his promotion

The People’s Progressive Party (PPP)  today lauded the work of Crime Chief Wendell Blanhum and said he should be considered immediately for promotion from Senior Superintendent to Assistant Commissioner of Police.

Blanhum has been widely applauded for breakthroughs on crime investigations since his appointment last year, the latest of which was yesterday’s discovery of what appeared to be the remains of Babita Sarjou who vanished without a trace in 2010

The PPP’s commendation is unusual considering that the period when breakthroughs weren’t being made was under its long period in office. The PPP had often been criticised over the poor crime solution rate during its tenure and Sarjou’s disappearance was a case in point.

In its statement today, the PPP said it “notes that the Criminal Investigation Department (CID) of the Guyana Police Force now appears to be listening finally to civilians and not believing that they know it all.

“There was a time when everything civilian was ignored and disregarded to the detriment of successful investigation and prosecution.  Making effective use of human intelligence and civilian common sense is the way to go.

“Dispersing CID sleuths to areas where useful information can be obtained is proving to be productive and effective”.

Wendell Blanhum
Wendell Blanhum

The PPP statement did not explain why there were such poor results during its tenure in office and particularly over the last decade when its current General Secretary Clement Rohee was the Minister of Home Affairs

The PPP added “Also, making judicious and selective use of informants with well established networks and connections should not be underestimated. But, at all times police investigators must uphold the ethics and rules of good professional policing.

“Closer and closer collaboration between Special Branch and CID operatives has been on the agenda for the longest while, however, it now appears to have been finally consummated.  Special Branch is the main intelligence gathering unit of the Guyana Police Force. Their work must be fused with criminal intelligence if continued success is to be assured.

“Blanhum and his team at CID, are to be commended.  He should be considered for promotion immediately from Senior Superintendent to Assistant Commissioner of  Police. The Crime Chief must at all times be of the rank of an Assistant Commissioner.  However, Blanhum must at all times refuse instructions and directives of a non-professional and political nature.

“Blanhum’s successes puts paid to the track record of the former Crime Chief on crime solving.”


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