Riverview man drowns on inaugural fishing trip

A father of two is now dead after he reportedly fell off of a fishing boat and drowned on Saturday.

Sherwin Wilson, 26, of Riverview, Ruimveldt had left on his inaugural trip as a fisherman on the boat last week. His mother, Agnes Johnson, told Stabroek News yesterday that the man, who was a construction worker, was making his first trip to sea and was not expected back for another week.

Sherwin Wilson
Sherwin Wilson

“I don’t know why he go on the ship but I was running out of things in the house and when I see the ship come I get so happy cause I thought he was back,” Wilson’s wife said as she broke down in tears. Instead of being greeted by her husband she was confronted with the news of his demise.

“I don’t know exactly what happened but I hear he was by the rail on the boat smoking a cigarette and that he catch a cramp and fall over board and drown,” Johnson told Stabroek News yesterday, explaining that was the story that she was told by the crew and captain.

However, she said that while it was her son’s first time at sea he was an avid swimmer.

She said at the moment she is not making any judgements on whether it was an accident or otherwise and is waiting on the police’s report.

The crew and the captain are currently in police custody assisting with the investigation.

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