Taxi driver on trial for causing death says cyclist ran into his vehicle

Taxi driver Seon Greene, who is on trial for causing the death of cyclist Mohammed Khan by dangerous driving, told a court yesterday that it was the deceased who hit his vehicle and not the other way around.

It is alleged that on May 31, 2015, at Sandy Babb and Railway streets, Kitty, Greene drove HC 4276 in a manner dangerous to the public, thereby causing the death of Mohamed Khan.

Under guidance by attorney Peter Hugh, Greene, while giving sworn evidence, recounted his version of what occurred on the fateful night.

Mohammed Khan
Mohammed Khan

He remembered that it was dark and it was raining slightly but he was able to see with the aide of his vehicle’s lights.  He further stated that as he got to Sandy Babb and Railway streets, he felt something hit the left side of the vehicle, which caused him to steer the vehicle to the right since he was unsure what hit him. He stopped, he said, and came out of the vehicle and saw a man lying on the road. He rushed to his aide and picked him up, he said, while adding that a crowd had gathered around and persons were saying different things, which caused him to place the man he had hit back on the ground.

Greene added that he asked if anyone knew the number for the Kitty Police Station or the hospital but he received no reply. It was as a result of the intervention of a man with an Indian accent that, according to Greene, he was able to place the injured man into the vehicle and rush him to Georgetown Public Hospital (GPH).

After the injured man was taken inside the hospital for treatment, Greene said he went to the police outpost and shortly after was approached by a police officer who identified himself as a traffic rank at the Kitty Police Station. After speaking with Greene, the rank left and went into the hospital. He returned sometime later and placed Greene in the vehicle along with a female, who he was unable to identify, and he was taken to the Kitty Police Station.

The court heard that Greene never pointed out or identified anyone to the officer that spoke to him, nor did he find out if the person that hit his vehicle sustained any injuries.

Greene further stated that he was never shown a bicycle at the Kitty Police Station but he was shown one during the trial. He added that he was taken back to the scene of the accident on two occasions—once on the night of the accident for measurements and then the following day when the photographer took pictures.

When asked by his attorney if he heard any noise that appeared to be a bell or if he saw anyone performing a hand signal or notice any reflectors, Greene responded no to each.

Greene was then cross-examined by Police Prosecutor Vishnu Hunt, who asked about how heavy the rain was falling. Greene reiterated that before and after the accident it was raining slightly.

Trial Magistrate Judy Latchman adjourned the proceedings to May 25, when Hunt is expected to continue his cross-examination.

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