‘Buju Banton’ to stand trial for murder of Rose Hall man

Leron La Rose, the man accused of fatally chopping an acquaintance after a row at Rose Hall last year, has been committed to stand trial at the next sitting of the Berbice Assizes for the offence.

La Rose called ‘Buju Banton,’ 21, of Lot 44 B Williamsburg, Corentyne, was charged with the murder of Sean Ricardo Pestano. The case was heard before Magistrate Marissa Mittelolzer at the Albion Magistrate’s Court and yesterday she ruled that a prima facie case had been made out against La Rose. Evidence was taken from six witnesses.

Leron La Rose
Leron La Rose
Sean Ricardo Pestano
Sean Ricardo Pestano

Police Sergeant Orin Joseph, narrating the facts, had revealed, that on April 21 last year, Brian Cameron, a watchman, had left his home at around 8:30pm for his workplace. He left Pestano and another friend ‘Rawle’ at the home.

Upon his return the following morning, Cameron found Pestano, La Rose and Rawle drinking a bottle of Extra white rum. Cameron joined them and the drinking spree continued. At about 10:30am, Pestano went to lay on a sponge that was on the floor and La Rose followed him, telling him of his now deceased wife ‘Short Hair.’  La Rose also asked Pestano for money but this was denied.

Joseph said La Rose was seen rubbing a scissors on the concrete while allegedly saying that he will kill Pestano. Shortly afterwards, Pestano went out to him and grabbed him by his neck and threw him to the ground. However, within seconds Pestano picked him up saying he was sorry.

La Rose was seen jumping over the eastern fence and running away but returned in approximately 30 minutes, armed with a cutlass which he subsequently used to inflict a chop to Pestano’s left foot.

The cause of death was recorded as shock and haemorrhage due to the wound to the left knee.

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