Mabaruma in first flag-raising as a town

Minister Karen Cummings (second from left) at the opening of the flag-raising ceremony (GINA photo)

Scores of residents and regional officials were joined by Minister within the Ministry of Public Health, Dr. Karen Cummings on Wednesday night for Mabaruma’s first flag-raising as a town.

GINA said that the programme which aimed at uniting people of all races and from all walks of life opened with prayers. This was followed by a cultural segment where students from Hososroro Primary, Mabaruma Sub Primary and other surrounding schools performed songs, dances and dramatic poetry. It was held at the Mabaruma Settlement Sports Complex, GINA added.

After 50 years of independence for Guyana, this was the first time that Mabaruma in Region One celebrated the occasion as a town, having gained that status earlier this year.

In the feature address of the evening, Minister Cummings stressed the need for the Region One administration to work collaboratively with the Ministry of Public Health and other ministries to fix the issues affecting the region.

“Moving forward I would like to see an alignment of purpose between the Ministry of Public Health and the Regional administration of Region One, so that together we will be able to deliver the best quality health care services to the people living here. The regional administration must make special efforts to work along with government to help provide the best quality health care and other services to the people of this beautiful region,” she said, according to GINA.

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