Abel Seetaram dismissed as Special Representative to the PM

The Office of the Prime Minister, today, advised that it has terminated with immediate effect the services of Abel Seetaram as Regional Representative of the Office Prime Minister for Region 5.

In a statement, the Office of the Prime Minister thanked Seetaram for his services during the period of his engagement and extended best wishes to him in his future endeavours.

An announcement with regards to the operations of the Office for the Regional Representative of the Prime Minister for Region 5 will be made subsequently, the release said.

Seetaram has been a controversial figure as a member of the Alliance for Change, the junior partner in the governing coalition. He is expected to appear in court tomorrow to answer to the charges of dangerous driving and breach of insurance. Seetaram was a no show on his last court date, however, according to a police source this was primarily because of a mix-up with filing of the case jacket. The source relayed that Seetaram was told to appear in court, which he did, the day before his case was called.

However, the case was put off to 31st May at the Blairmont Magistrate’s Court by Magistrate Rondell Weever, for reports.

It was reported that Seetaram was driving a government SUV when he crashed into a fence knocking out some of the uprights which held the shed for several structures at the Bath Market, causing considerable damage. According to information received, the vehicle also crashed into a nearby businessman’s fence.

Abel Seetaram
Abel Seetaram

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