Guyanese man killed in NY hit and run

Inshan Ali, a 47-year-old New York-based Guyanese was on Sunday the victim of a fatal hit and run in Schenectady, New York.

According to a report from NEWS10 in New York, the police believe Ali was walking in the street when a driver heading northbound on Hamburg Street struck him. Residents told police they believe the vehicle was a white Honda CRV or Honda Pilot.

According to the report a witness claimed that prior to the accident Ali had had been enjoying drinks and a round of pool just up the street at Fritz’s Taproom which he left peacefully.

Inshan Ali
Inshan Ali

However instead of getting into his car, which was parked outside, the police are reported as saying that Ali left on foot. It also doesn’t appear that he was headed north in

the direction of Schenectady where he lived, rather he walked south on Hamburg Street.

Rotterdam police said no one actually saw Ali get hit, but many neighbours did hear a loud thud. When they went out to investigate, neighbours told police they found a man lying on the ground dead.

Another resident is however reported as telling a reporter that minutes before the fatal hit-and-run, his girlfriend had been woken up by Ali making noises outside their home.  He reportedly said when his girlfriend confronted, Ali he told her, “They’re trying to kill me.”

Ali who according to his loved ones was two weeks away from becoming a U.S. citizen after relocating from Guyana is survived by two young children.

The Rotterdam Police are now asking for the public’s assistance in solving the case. They say they are looking for a white Honda CRV or Honda Pilot that sustained serious, front end damage on the passenger side along with a broken windshield. Anyone with information is asked to contact police a 355-7397.

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