Corriverton town council takes over garbage collection in wake of crisis

As Corriverton struggles with a garbage disposal crisis, the Mayor and Town Council (M&TC) has temporarily taken over the collection of solid waste from the private contractors now responsible for providing the service.

Ganesh Gangadin
Ganesh Gangadin

Mayor of Corriverton Ganesh Gangadin, during an interview with Stabroek News, stated that the M&TC decided to step in as the trucks that are contracted to collect solid waste have not done so in some areas for 20 days now.

“For the past three weeks, we have been bombarded with calls coming from residents and businesses, regarding this issue,” the mayor said. “The current provider is encountering difficulties collecting and disposing of the garbage. As a result our town is in a state of emergency regarding garbage.”

Gangadin stated that there is a contract between the Regional Democratic Council and the solid waste provider and the council is currently examining the contract to see how the problem could be addressed legally. “We are looking to see the legalities, how it can be remedied, the breaches and so forth,” he stressed. As of now, he said, the contractor had fallen short of his contractual obligations. Gangadin strongly stated that the council is looking for a permanent solution.

Residents and businesses dumped their garbage after it was not being collected.
Residents and businesses dumped their garbage after it was not being collected.

However, he noted that something needed to be done immediately. He said that the council, at its statutory meeting held yesterday, decided to provide temporary service to residents, by reintroducing tractors and trailers in the town to pick up solid waste. Gangadin explained that the cost for this service will be $200 for residences and $400 for businesses.

“These costs are not [set] with any intention to make any profit but rather to offset the cost of picking up your garbage and disposing of it,” Gangadin said. He further explained that the solid waste collected well be taken to the landfill site in Corriverton.

He said that the service will be provided to the town until the council can engage the current solid waste collection provider and other stakeholders and come up with a solution.

The mayor stressed that the reintroduction of tractors and trailers came about due to the problem being acute, creating unpleasant conditions and threatening the health of the population.

As Stabroek News traversed the streets of Corriverton, barrels and bags filled with solid waste could be seen in front of homes and businesses, waiting to be collected. One truck from the service contracted to collect solid waste passed by, but only made collections on the main road and did not turn into any streets.

Gangadin stated that the council is well aware that residents and businesses also play a part in indiscriminate dumping of solid waste and resultingly issued a warning that anyone caught doing so will be prosecuted.

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