Gang steals millions in M&M snackette robbery

Police are searching for five men who broke and entered the M&M Snackette at Peters Hall, East Bank Demerara and escaped with millions after they tied up two guards and two construction workers early on Wednesday morning.

The M&M Snackette at Peters Hall
The M&M Snackette at Peters Hall

Although the robbery was captured by surveillance cameras, the robbers were all masked.

All of the robbers were also armed with guns. The attack occurred around 1.40am.

The footage showed the gunmen gaining entry from a fence, located at the rear of the building, and then tying up the guards and the construction workers. They then clipped the padlocks that secured the doors, went into the office and ransacked it looking for cash. The office is located on the upper flat of the eatery’s offices.

It was gathered from the surveillance footage that the men spent approximately 25 minutes in the office searching for valuables. The men ensured that their fingerprints were not left at the scene as they wore gloves.

Vinhod Narine, one of the managers of the snackette, told Stabroek News that four men searched the office, while one stayed behind and guarded the security and construction workers. Narine said the workers eventually managed to free themselves and quickly the informed one of the directors of the attack.

Asked why the large amount of cash was stored in the office, Narine explained that some of the money was to be used to purchase materials for the construction that is currently ongoing and to pay staff.

The snackette was only robbed seven months ago.


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