Pensioners lose home, possessions in Enmore fire

An elderly man on Thursday afternoon sustained minor burns about his body when a fire of unknown origin completely destroyed his Enmore, East Coast Demerara house leaving millions in losses.

The fire started around 3 pm and completely gutted the Lot 40 ‘A’ Enmore Pasture, ECD flat house within minutes.

The Guyana Fire Service was alerted and responded a few minutes after but it was too late to save anything.

The remains of the Enmore Pasture home
The remains of the Enmore Pasture home

The owner, Seulall sustained burns to his knees, hands and head and was treated at the hospital and sent away. He had occupied the house with his wife, brother-in-law and mother-in-law for several years.

The house was fully furnished with everything that would contribute to a comfortable living. Among the items damaged were documents including ID cards, passports and Seulall’s pension book.

The family is financially unable to rebuild the house and members are seeking shelter at a relative’s house until they can decide on the next move.

Speaking to this newspaper yesterday, Seulall said he was sitting in a hammock under the house when he started to feel tired and decided to head into bed for a rest. It was while he was proceeding towards the door that he said he saw dark thick smoke in the entire house. He immediately shouted for help and neighbours rushed to his assistance.

Seulall said he tried to save at least his important documents but the heat was intense causing him to fail. It was during this process that he received the burns.

While the origin of the fire remains unknown, Seulall’s wife related that the community is subject to frequent low voltages and only about two weeks ago the transformer in their street had burned.

She said she was returning home from Georgetown when she heard of the fire. “I did coming in and the taxi man telling me that the house burn down and I didn’t believe I had to ask he if he sure and he said yes,” the weeping woman related. She added, “everything I had little bit and I use to cherish it, now look what gone and happen.”

The couple’s daughter, Subrina Seulall, who resides overseas was forced to return home to render support to her parents. She recalled receiving a telephone call from a cousin on Thursday afternoon informing her of the fire.

Neighbours were up to yesterday still saddened about the family’s loss and were rendering as much assistance as they could.

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