Body of security guard from capsized boat recovered

On the third day after a boat he occupied with three other men capsized in the Mazaruni River, the body of 24-year-old security guard Boris Blair, an employee of Ricky Ramnarine mining camp, was discovered about half an hour from where the boat keeled over.

According to reports reaching the family, the boat was said to have capsized around 9 pm on Sunday, after hitting a tree floating in the river. The four men had reportedly headed out to hunt, and were at the time on their way to a shop.

Boris Blair
Boris Blair

Contact was made with the family on Monday afternoon by an employee of the camp, who informed them of the accident, and of the fear of the man’s demise. The other men had managed to swim away to safety, and Blair’s gun was also retrieved, having reportedly “floated up” next to one of the men.

After the news was broken to the relatives, a search party set out yesterday, aided by a group of Brazilians from a neighbouring camp. The body was reportedly discovered at the “Enachu second channel,” reports said, near a dragline.

It was also divulged that the men Blair was travelling with at the time, also employees of the mining camp, are currently in police custody assisting with investigations. A post-mortem examination is expected to be done tomorrow.


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