Wife pleads for justice after road crash turns Industry man into amputee

The wife of a 43-year-old father of two, who lost one of his legs when he was struck down last month by a driver who apparently lost control of his vehicle, is pleading for justice.

Last May, Wazir Ali of Industry, East Coast Demerara and a young man were standing on the Goed Fortuin Public Road, West Bank Demerara, awaiting public transportation when a speeding car smashed into them. According to Ali, the car hit the boy first, then struck him pitching him into a nearby trench. He said that the next thing he recalled was waking up in a bed at the Georgetown Public Hospital.

Wazir Ali
Wazir Ali

As a result of the accident, Ali lost his left leg and sustained several injuries to his right leg and bruises to both of his hands.

According to his wife, Gaitree Ali, she had to make the decision for the doctors to amputate her husband’s leg. She said the doctors had told her that they could not have saved the left leg as it was severely crushed.  Gaitree said her husband has undergone about three surgeries and the nurses are checking his amputated leg every day to make sure that it heals properly.

Gaitree said that since the accident the driver never showed up to see how her husband was doing. She said she learned from the police that the driver was arrested after the accident but was released 72 hours later.

Gaitree is pleading for justice and cited her husband’s condition. She said that the driver has denied hitting the boy and her husband even though there is video footage to show that he did. She said he is claiming that a car which was parked on the road hit her husband.

Gaitree told this newspaper that she is finding it hard since she is the only one who is working to support her family. “My husband has nobody, no sister, no father, no brother, just his mother who is sickly and his children who are in school, and to top it off we paying rent every month,” Gaitree said.

Ali said that he is unsure when he will be discharged as it is up to the doctors to tell him when he can go home.


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