Contractor alleges unfair practices by Ramayya, Tender Board

A small group of persons staged a protest outside the Regional Democratic Council compound in Region Six on Thursday, calling for the removal of the Regional Executive Officer (REO) Veerasammy Ramayya and the Tender Board.

Kitte Samuels, a young businessman and a vendor at the New Amsterdam Market, said he was protesting because of “the unfairness meted out to me by Mr Ramayya and the Tender Board.” According to the man, he submitted bids for a number of projects and was told by valuators that the projects would be awarded to him. He said he visited the REO’s office for a review, which was promised to him by Ramayya himself. However, Samuels said, he could not contact the REO since meeting with him.

Contractor in mini protest outside the Region Six Regional Democratic Council office
Contractor in mini protest outside the Region Six Regional Democratic Council office

“I ain’t intend to beg for services that is supposed to be given to the citizens of this country,” he said. “We voted for a change, but his actions, is the same …, is the same thing we voted out, still in here.”

Contacted, a member of the tender board, Michael Hintzen stated that the man claimed he was told by “some valuator,” that he won six contracts, which was not the case. “No valuator can’t tell him he won six contracts. ‘Cause if that is what a valuator did, it is against the rules of the Tender Board,” Hintzen added. “I want him to come and tell us which valuator told him that. If he got six contracts, nobody from the Tender Board have the authority to take back those contracts.”

Hintzen said that in fact, Samuels was awarded one contract. According to the Tender Board member, years ago, there would have been 15 to 20 persons bidding for the projects. However, today, there are about 35 bidders. “So we have to spread out the work. It is as simple as that. No favouritism working,” he said.

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