Madewini mechanic found stabbed to death in bed

The bloody body of a mechanic was on Thursday night found in his bed at his Madewini, East Bank Demerara house with numerous stab wounds leaving his family baffled as to what might have led to his murder.

Dead is Puranand Baljit called “Andrew”, 25, of Lot 57 Madewini. Baljit plied his trade as a mechanic under a shed in front of his house where he resided with his parents and sister.

He was discovered lying in a pool of blood around 21:00 hrs on Thursday by his parents after they heard loud screams coming from his bedroom. His body bore several stab wounds including one to the region of his heart. He was rushed to the Diamond Hospital where he was pronounced dead on arrival.

Puranand Baljit called “Andrew”
Puranand Baljit called “Andrew”

A knife, the suspected murder weapon, and a cellular phone were recovered by the police. Up to late yesterday afternoon, no one had been arrested.

This newspaper understands that Baljit’s killer/s reportedly did not enter the house but rather stabbed him from his window after stacking up several concrete blocks to reach the necessary height.

The Guyana Police Force, in a press release, said investigations have revealed that Baljit’s parents heard sounds coming from his bedroom and on checking they discovered him lying in a pool of blood with multiple stab wounds.

His stepmother, Simone Baljit, told this newspaper that earlier she had watched a movie with her family, including Baljit, and they had retired to bed when they heard him screaming. She did not recall hearing any strange sound or anything prior that would have led to the thought that something was amiss.

“Is bed we did just go in and he went in he room. And like I sleep away and I just hear one holler when me and he father jump out,” Simone said.

She explained that his father immediately armed himself with a cutlass and approached Baljit’s bedroom which was locked from the inside. This resulted in him gaining entry to the room by jumping through a window.

The house where Baljit lived and where the incident occurred
The house where Baljit lived and where the incident occurred

It was then that he saw his son covered in blood, his body bearing several stab wounds. According to Simone, it appeared that Baljit was sleeping while he was attacked.

“All he mouth, all he nose everything they stab,” the woman cried. “You coulda see they stab he to kill he.”

Simone noted that he had slept out recently, something that was not normal for him. She also said that he would usually hang out with his friends but for the past two days she hadn’t noticed this, but didn’t bother to question it.

The weeping mother said, “He [was] not a fighter. He [was] not the type who would row with anybody or so… Even when I argue with he, he [did not] answer back.”

The incident according to her has shocked not only the family circle but the entire community.

Baljit was described as a very easy-going and loving individual. He leaves to mourn his parents and younger sister.

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