Millions wasted on ‘white elephant’ boat, generator for Region 10 – Chairman

Region 10 chairman Renis Morian is decrying what he described as the wastage of millions of dollars spent to purchase a boat and a generator for two communities in the region under the previous PPP/C administration but which were never used.

Morian reported that during the 2015 general elections period, the then PPP/C government removed a working boat from the community of Sand Hills, Berbice River, which was used to assist residents to transport their agricultural produce to the coast. What appeared to be a brand new boat replaced the old one but it has not worked since, reportedly due to a defective starter.

The boat that Regional Chairman Renis Morian said never worked on the Berbice River at Sand Hill
The boat that Regional Chairman Renis Morian said never worked on the Berbice River at Sand Hill

“I don’t know if it was an election gimmick by the previous administration but what I do know is that  millions of dollars of taxpayers’ money are lying there, never been used, and farmers need to get their produce out to the markets,” the regional chairman said recently.

Further, he said, there is a heavy-duty generator at Muritaro, Upper Demerara River which was reportedly part of a PPP project but which has never worked even though it has been at the location for 13 years. “There are currently communities without any lights or solar systems. We would have to get that generator out from there, get it serviced so as to generate electricity to those areas of Muritaro that is in need,” Morian said.

The regional chairman also took issue with the Ministry of Indigenous People’s Affairs for what he described as the selective nature in which the ministry makes its training programmes available. “We are looking at a level playfield, I don’t care who you vote for, once you’re living in Region Ten and you are a part of an indigenous community, you must be trained,” the chairman stressed.

“I would like for the Administration of Region Ten to have more collaboration with the Ministry of Indigenous Affairs. I think once we work together, there will be the accountability for government resources in Indigenous areas,” he said.




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