Brother stabbed to death by brother in row over family shop

A gold miner was yesterday morning brutally stabbed to death in front of his Sophia home, by his brother who was described as a troublemaker, during an argument about entry into the family’s shop. The brother has since been arrested.

Dead is Dexter Jules, 23, of Lot 634 ‘D’ Field Sophia, Georgetown. Jules was stabbed several times to his body, including to his chest. He attempted to escape the hands of his attacker by running but eventually collapsed. He was rushed to the Georgetown Public Hospital (GPH) where he was pronounced dead on arrival.

Dead: Dexter Jules
Dead: Dexter Jules

His assailant, who has been identified as his brother, Orin Jules, was subsequently apprehended by public-spirited citizens and handed over to the police. He is currently in custody assisting with investigations.

The incident occurred around 8.30 am.

The police said in a press release that investigations so far have revealed that Dexter Jules had an altercation with a close male relative during which he was stabbed.

When Stabroek News visited the scene yesterday, the street leading to the dead man’s house was packed to capacity with relatives and residents of the area.

A knife, the suspected murder weapon, was seen lying in the grass in front of Dexter Jules’s house, a short distance away from where he was stabbed. This was even after the police had visited and conducted investigations.

Reports reaching this newspaper indicated that the argument started after Orin Jules was reportedly blocked from entering a shop which is owned by the family.

The shop was previously owned by their sister, who recently migrated. On leaving, she had tasked Dexter with operating the shop. Dexter, a gold miner, was awaiting a call from his employer to return to the interior.

Wayne Jules, another brother, who witnessed the entire incident, told this newspaper that he was forced to watch on helplessly since he was afraid of losing his own life.

A knife, the suspected murder weapon, on the roadway after the incident.
A knife, the suspected murder weapon, on the roadway after the incident.

Wayne explained that Dexter had informed him that he wanted to visit the market to purchase some goods for the shop and requested if he could look over the business until he returned. Wayne said he took up the task and it was just before Dexter left, that Orin arrived and attempted to enter the shop. “He come just so and walk in the shop and Dexter don’t like them things that and I know how Orin stay so I try to talk to he and cool he out and next thing you know, he just pull out the knife and fire bore on Dexter,” Wayne explained.

He further stated, “I tell Dexter to run and next thing you know Orin run behind he and Dexter collapse.”

He said the incident did not surprise him since Orin would usually threaten the family. “This boy [Orin] just deh inside the yard since yesterday and he just saying he gun bun down de house and juk Dexter and that he ain’t watching no face,” Wayne said.

The house where Dexter Jules lived
The house where Dexter Jules lived

He added that his mother always spoke to Orin about his actions but he never listened. “Mommy always warn Orin and tell he if he want anything inside the shop let him ask whoever in charge, but he like things his own way,” Wayne said.

“I done know how he stay so if he [Orin] come and ask me for anything I does give him and be short, because I know how he stay, I does just deal with he short,” Wayne noted.

Dexter Jules’s body is currently at the GPH mortuary awaiting a post-mortem examination. He was described as a quiet and hard-working person who leaves to mourn his mother and siblings.


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