Father of two electrocuted in front of Garden of Eden home

A father of two was yesterday morning electrocuted while attempting to connect a water pump in front his Garden of Eden, East Bank Demerara (EBD) home.

Mujahid Muhammed, 30, of Lot 50 Garden of Eden, was discovered lying motionless in a trench in front his house shortly after 10 am yesterday, by his father-in-law. He had electric cords wrapped around his hand.

The police were immediately alerted and they rushed Muhammed to the Diamond Hospital where he was pronounced dead.

Dead: Mujahid Muhammed
Dead: Mujahid Muhammed

At his home yesterday, his wife was being comforted by family members and friends who expressed disbelief at the incident. They are currently observing the Holy month of Ramadan.

While the circumstances surrounding the incident remained unknown to up to press time yesterday, Muhammed’s wife, Sarika Muhammed said they had both retired to bed on Friday evening and she assumed that he woke up early yesterday morning to pump water as he would as normally do.

She said she sensed something was amiss when she called out for him several times but got no answer. As a result, she asked her father to check on Muhammed, and he made the discovery.

Sarike said, “I was in my bed with my baby who is sick and I didn’t see him, but the door was open so I call for him and I got no answer.”

The pump located in front Muhammed’s house where he was electrocuted before falling into the trench.
The pump located in front Muhammed’s house where he was electrocuted before falling into the trench.

She assumed that Muhammed was electrocuted while plugging in the wire to the water pump.

Muhammed was a Jamaican who had been living in Guyana for the past four years. He was a chef by profession and was employed at the Muhammed Poultry Farm before his death.

He leaves to mourn his wife and two children, aged six years old and seven months old.

Just one week ago, construction worker, Carl Clarkson was electrocuted while on duty at a building under construction next door to Salt and Pepper on Robb Street, Georgetown when a steel rod he was carrying came into contact with electrical wires. The Ministry of Social Protection has promised to look into the circumstances surrounding his death.

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