Angoy’s Avenue pensioner beaten, robbed

A woman from Lot 5, Angoy’s Avenue, New Amsterdam was beaten and robbed yesterday at her home by three men. The woman sustained injuries to her head and abdomen.

Veronica Balak
Veronica Balak

Veronica Balak, 69, said, that around 3 am yesterday, she was in her bed, listening to the radio, when she heard a bang and got up to see the door on the bottom floor opening.

She said, “Me give two time, `thief, thief’…when them come in me tell them me na go holla”. She said when they entered they demanded money and gold.

“When me tell them that me na get gold, them start beat me up, knock me all up in me head”, she added. Balak relayed that she had less than $20,000 in her home, which the perpetrators got away with. She said that the men ransacked the house.

According to Balak, there were three men, one was armed with a gun, one with a cutlass and one with a crowbar.

The traumatized woman said, “Them kick me up all in me belly and lash me up all in me head and so”. She said that the ordeal lasted for fifteen minutes.

According to the pensioner, the police were phoned right after the perpetrators escaped around 3:20 am but only arrived at around 7:30 am.

Balak was taken to the New Amsterdam Public Hospital where she was treated.

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