Stabroek market wharf restoration awaiting Ministry’s green light

The Georgetown Mayor and City Council (M&CC) is awaiting the green light from the Ministry of Public Infrastructure to being works on the dilapidated Stabroek Market wharf, Town Clerk Royston King says.

The Stabroek Market wharf (SN file photo)
The Stabroek Market wharf (SN file photo)

In an interview, King told Stabroek News that the M&CC had approached the ministry to assist with the megaproject. Sections of the roof of the wharf had collapsed in September 2014 and March 2015, but vendors continue to ply their trade despite the danger posed by the deteriorating structure. A modernised design of the wharf was unveiled several months ago but works are yet to begin.

“We are awaiting their go-ahead. In the meantime, we are shifting our main market operations to the Kitty market so as to provide the space (needed) by the technicians to begin their work,” King told Stabroek News. He said that the office of the Market Clerk would be temporarily housed at the Kitty Market.

He added that they are making the necessary preparations for vendors to be relocated. The town clerk emphasised that deterioration of the wharf is happening at an alarming rate and poses a danger to life. He said the City Council is working along with the MPI to begin works as soon as possible.

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