More cocaine admitted as evidence in trial of Barry Dataram, co-accused

Over 400 parcels of cocaine along with other items were yesterday admitted into evidence at the trial of Barry Dataram and three others accused of trafficking 284 pounds of the drug that were found at his Diamond Housing Scheme residence.

Dataram, his common-law wife Anjanie Boodnarine, Kevin Charran, and Trevor Gouveia are currently on trial before city magistrate Judy Latchman for possession of 129.230 kilogrammes of cocaine (equivalent to 284 pounds) that were found on April 16, 2015 at the Lot 661 Silver Dam, Fourth Avenue, Diamond Housing Scheme house.

20160628BarryDuring yesterday’s proceedings, Customs Anti-Narcotics Unit (CANU) Prosecutor Konyo Sandiford-Thompson continued to guide CANU Officer Anthony Yarde in his testimony, which led to 420 parcels of cocaine being admitted into evidence, along with a multicolored box that contained utensils and a white fridge.

According to Yarde, the 420 pieces were found in the white fridge on the premises of Dataram’s house.

He stated that in the multicoloured box were three plastic cups, two tablespoons, two hammers, two digital scales, a stainless steel bowl, a stainless steel knife, a stainless steel pot spoon, a small chopper and a box cutter. All of the items that were entered into evidence were viewed by the defendants’ attorney, Glenn Hanoman.

At a hearing on June 7, 272 parcels of cocaine were admitted as evidence at the trial after being counted and verified by Yarde and each defendant.

Magistrate Latchman adjourned the matter to July 14 and 15 for continuation.

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