Corentyne fishermen protest against shrimp smuggled from Suriname being sold here

A group of Corentyne fishermen yesterday held a protest at Port Mourant, Corentyne, Berbice, against shrimp from Suriname being sold at markets in and around the Corentyne area. According to the protesting fishermen, this affects their livelihood. They said that if the shrimp caught by local fishers is being sold at $4,000 per bucket, the shrimp from Suriname sells at $2,000 per bucket, undercutting them and causing then to lose sales.

One man said, “Me get kids to mine and when people get the shrimps at a lower price, dem gun take it.” The fishermen stated that often the shrimp from Suriname was not kept frozen, causing it to be not fit for human consumption. Fishermen alleged that the shrimp is being smuggled into the country, as ….