Kildonan man stabbed by ‘Rat’

A man is in a serious condition at the New Amsterdam Hospital after being stabbed several times during a fight with another man who fled after the attack.

Randy Phillips, 29, of Kildonan Village, Corentyne, is currently a patient of the New Amsterdam hospital, nursing several stab wounds about his body, with the most severe injury being on the side of his head. Police from ‘B’ Division are seeking the suspect called ‘Rat’ who is said to be from Nurney Village, Corentyne.

According to information gathered, Phillips, who works in the interior and returned to the area a few days ago, was in front of a bar in Nurney Village, talking to his girlfriend on his cellular phone, when the suspect and three other men who were imbibing at the bar, started to interfere with him. According to eyewitnesses, the men taunted Phillips for long time but he ignored them until he got upset and responded to the suspect. Subsequently, the argument escalated into a fight and Phillips was stabbed about his body. The suspect fled and has gone into hiding.

Randy Phillips
Randy Phillips

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