Cop charged over taking gold to duck ganja probe

A Guyana Police Force corporal was yesterday placed on $75,000 bail after he was charged with obtaining gifts of gold in exchange for obstructing investigations into a marijuana matter.

The court heard that between February 1 and 20, at Ekereku, Essequibo, Ronald Fraser, 43, of Supenaam Creek, being an agent employed by the state of Guyana, corruptly obtained for himself from Mark Williamson, 1 ounce of raw gold valued $200,000, 9 pennyweights of gold worth $90,000 and 3 pennyweights of gold valued $60,000 as an inducement or reward for forbearing to conduct investigations in relation to marijuana suspected to be Williamson’s.

Fraser pleaded not guilty to the charge that was read to him by Chief Magistrate Ann McLennan.

According to Fraser’s lawyer Dexter Todd, his client is a supervisory officer to two other ranks at a police station in Essequibo. Todd said the real accused is not Williamson but one of the ranks who he supervises. The lawyer went on to tell the court that the rank who filed the complaint was recently disciplined by Fraser and as such the unfortunate action against his client was taken.  In Todd’s application for Fraser’s bail he told the court that his client had served the Guyana Police Force for 24 years.

Police Prosecutor Deniro Jones had no objection to bail being granted to Fraser.

The chief magistrate subsequently granted bail of $75,000 to the defendant and adjourned the case until September 19, when it will be called at the Kamarang Magistrate’s Court.


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