More hinterland communities receive grants for projects

Several more villages in the hinterland have received their Jubilee grant fund under the Ministry of Indigenous Peoples’ Affairs, to implement  a green sustainable project.

Two hundred and twelve  communities are slated to receive up to $2M to embark on green, sustainable projects by the end of 2016. This initiative is part of activities to mark Guyana’s 50th Independence Anniversary.

Shulinab, Moco Moco, Maruranau and St Ignatius villages are the most recent recipients of $1.5 million each; while Parikwarunawa received $1.2 million. These are all villages in Region Nine.

Moco Moco is embarking on a livestock project; St Ignatius, cattle rearing; Shulinab, development of farm lands, Maruranau, furnishing of community benab and documentation of village history; and Parikwarunawa, construction of a community benab…..